The Elite Carpal Tunnel Process vs The Traditional Process

From inception, our focus at Elite Carpal Tunnel has been on putting customer convenience first, shattering old expectations, and doing things better. This starts by making the whole carpal tunnel treatment path more efficient and convenient.

Waiting For Your Turn to See the Doctor?


Waiting on Insurance Authorization to Get Your Care?


Waiting for Appointments With Multiple Providers to Get From Initial Carpal Tunnel Symptoms to Actual Surgery?


At Elite Carpal Tunnel the wait is over!

The Elite treatment timeline is a fraction of the traditional timeline. We have achieved this highly efficient timeline by consolidating all of the traditional carpal tunnel treatment steps in a single location, a single healthcare team, in a singular experience. No primary care referral needed. You can go straight to the source at Elite Carpal Tunnel.

At Elite Carpal Tunnel you will meet directly with Dr. Peterson to have a comprehensive evaluation, including electrodiagnostic testing as needed, and to formulate a treatment plan with consideration of non-surgical and surgical treatment options. In the event that you need carpal tunnel correction, we have a custom designed procedure suite on-site where carpal tunnel and other hand procedures are performed by Dr. Peterson.

Elite Carpal Tunnel process infographic

Note: With advanced notice, when desired and when appropriate, the entire process can even be completed in one visit with same-day carpal tunnel surgery.

How do we do it?

We save you TIME and ENERGY to do more of what you love.

At Elite Carpal Tunnel, Dr. Peterson has built upon his extensive experience as a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic hand surgeon to design an all-inclusive carpal tunnel treatment process. This process eliminates the need for multiple providers and the associated waiting room times, co-pays, and co-insurance payments required at these multiple visits. It also eliminates the time spent waiting for each visit and the diagnostic tests of the traditional process to be authorized and scheduled with overbooked specialists, since all of these steps are available within our facility. The Elite process also eliminates the high facility fees associated with hospitals and surgery centers.

All of these factors combine to create substantial efficiencies in the Elite Carpal Tunnel process. Even though our services are provided on a cash pay basis, because of the efficiencies in our model, in many cases these services can be provided at a lower cost than if you were to use your insurance. This will be particularly true for those with high-deductible health insurance plans. Even when insurance offerings provide a financial advantage, we often win with customers due to the extraordinary time savings, convenience, and overall customer experience.

What to expect?

Our board-certified hand surgeon, Travis Peterson DO, consults with the patient, and can perform the EMG at the same visit, and will perform the surgery at your leisure if surgery is indicated.

If you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and you choose to have surgery, we schedule this at your leisure. When scheduled in advance, you can even have your procedure done the same day as your initial evaluation. This procedure is done in our office and takes about an hour and 20 minutes, including pre- and post-op process.

Like a dentist appointment, you should be able to drive yourself home after the procedure is complete, and you follow up for removal of stitches.

Your Carpal Tunnel Procedure

At Elite Carpal Tunnel, Dr. Peterson performs carpal tunnel surgery using a local anesthesia technique. The actual procedure is performed the same as all endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeries are performed, but instead of general or regional anesthesia we numb only the hand so you don’t feel a thing while awake. This cutting-edge process allows the procedure to be performed in office and in a setting that is very comfortable. This also offers significant safety benefits including avoiding the need for general anesthesia (and the cost and inconvenience of preoperative anesthesia testing), avoiding hospital-acquired infections, and eliminating the need to discontinue important medications such as most blood thinners.

Book an appointment now to experience the Elite Carpal Tunnel difference and make a plan to reclaim your hands.