Transparent Pricing

Do you like to find out how much something costs after you’ve already bought it?

We don’t either!

At Elite Carpal Tunnel, you know what to expect from day one, and there are no surprises. Our cash price for carpal tunnel surgery is $1,300. The Healthcare Blue Book Fair price for carpal tunnel surgery is $3,647, that’s a potential savings of over $2,347! At Elite Carpal Tunnel you get elite care without the elite price. In the traditional, insurance driven model, you never really know how much it will cost until long after the fact.

husban and wife saving money toward carpal tunnel treatment

We perform every level of carpal tunnel care within our clinic which translates into cost savings for our customers. The result: a carpal tunnel surgery price of $1,300!

With free consultations, there’s really no reason not to get expert input on what’s going on with your hands.

What about my insurance?

In order to simplify the process for our patients, our services are cash or credit card payment only.

We do not bill your insurance for your care. Our services are cash pay. Payment options include the following: cash, credit card, Healthcare Savings Account, Flex Spending or Medical Bill Sharing accounts. In many cases, our cash pay price is still substantially lower than the cost of using your insurance. In some cases you may be able to submit for insurance reimbursement after your care.

Top 3 reasons to consider paying cash even if you have insurance

  • Until you’ve met your deductible, you’re paying cash anyway, so you may as well save money by paying the Elite price.
  • The convenience is worth it!
  • We are experts at carpal tunnel treatment!