Elite Pricing

At Elite Carpal Tunnel we are driven to provide complete price transparency and pledge to do our best to explain our pricing with clarity up front.  Though the following price list attempts to create this transparency, varying clinical scenarios may require modification. Please contact a member of our staff for complete details and to address any questions regarding pricing.

Office Visits:

Initial Consultation$150 FREE!

Follow-up Exam — $100

Office-Based Services:

Nerve Conduction Study/Electromyogram (EMG) — $250

Upper Extremity Steroid Injection (No Consultation) — $150

Ganglion Cyst Aspiration — $100

Thumb Basal Joint Splint Fitting (Includes Splint) — $100
All Other Splint Fittings (Includes Splint) — $30

Surgical Procedures: see Grand Opening price specials below in RED!

Carpal Tunnel Release — $1,750 $1,300
Single Side Primary Procedure

Carpal Tunnel Release — $2,950 $2,000
Both Sides at Once (Same Day)

Carpal Tunnel Release — $3,400 $2,500
• Both sides on different days

Trigger Finger Release — $1,650 $900
• Single finger Primary Procedure

Trigger Finger Release — $400
• When Combined with Associated Primary Procedure

Elite Care Finger Ganglion Cyst/Mass Excision Procedure Package$1,750 $950

Elite Care Wrist Ganglion Cyst Excision Procedure Package$2,150 $1,050

Elite Care DeQuervain’s Tendonitis Procedure Package$1,750 $900

Elite Care Cubital Tunnel Procedure Package$2,900 $1,550

Elite Care Dupuytren’s Contracture Package$2,350 – $3,850 $1,000 – $2,500
• Depending on Severity

Primary Procedure vs. Secondary Procedure: In general, when more than one procedure is done at once on the same arm, the primary procedure is the procedure with the greatest individual cost.

Prices subject to change without notice.

*Services not performed at Elite Carpal Tunnel are excluded from the prices listed above. Some of these services include radiology imaging, physical/occupational therapy, and pathology. When needed, however, we will happily assist with referrals for those services.