With Carpal Tunnel syndrome you have to be careful to not make the problem worse. When you seek a medical professional like Elite Carpal Tunnel they will go over with you what you should avoid doing, and how to prevent your pain from getting worse over time. It will take time to adjust to these changes in your every day activities that you are used to doing and the way you are accustomed to doing them. In this article we will discuss what you should avoid doing most commonly when you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What to Avoid

Any job or activity that demands repetitive movements of the fingers and wrist, awkward hand movements, vibration, and/or mechanical stress on the palm increases the risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The occupations associated with CTS tend to emphasize strong tugging, pulling, pushing, or twisting movements. You should not stay neutral, if you are able avoid bending your wrist up and down. Switch things up, try avoiding doing the same hand and wrist motions over and over again. Watch your posture as much as possible, It is natural to try to pay attention to your wrist and hand, but remember to keep an eye on your posture. Some exercise is okay with carpal tunnel, Nerve-gliding exercises , one type of carpal tunnel exercise might help the median nerve move normally, but might worsen symptoms. If a median nerve remains trapped, nerve-gliding exercises can stretch, irritate or injure the nerve. Avoiding flexing (curling) and extending your wrists repeatedly. Decreasing repetitive/strong grasping with the wrist in a flexed position. Taking frequent rest breaks from repetitive activities. Performing conditioning and stretching exercises before and after activities.

Most doctors agree that using heat is the better way to “treat” carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike ice, heat promotes healing and restoration of damaged tissues. The healing process is what will ultimately make the inflammation disappear for good. Therefore, a hot towel or heating pad will do just fine. When you sleep, Flexing your wrists puts more pressure on the median nerve, in turn causing carpal tunnel pain. Ideally, you would sleep with your wrists in a neutral position with your hands slightly elevated. This can cause fluid to accumulate within your body. Ice can also help, to help ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, you may want to put ice on your wrist or soak it in an ice bath. Try it for 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice an hour. You can also gently shake your wrist or hang it over the side of your bed for pain that wakes you up at night.

6 Ways You May Be Making Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Worse

1. Never Stretching Your Hands.
2. Incorrect Keyboard Position.
3. Raising the Back of Your Keyboard.
4. Working Through Numbness or Pain.
5. Not Addressing Underlying Medical Conditions.
6. Ignoring Signs That Indicate It’s Time for Surgery.

Remember taking care of yourself is important, and to stay mindful of all you are doing throughout your day with your hands and wrist. If you apply these preventative measures, you can avoid your carpal tunnel getting worse. Talk to your doctor and make a plan and ask as many questions as you need too.

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