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Price transparency typically refers to the extent to which information about the bid prices, ask prices, and trading quantities for a specific stock is available. We all want to save money where we can and it is no secret that medical cost can prove to be very expensive. At Elite Carpal Tunnel they want to help you save during your time trying to find comfort again after dealing with Carpal Tunnel. The final positive is that the price transparency rule has created a reckoning for hospitals that overcharge patients and negotiate high rates with payers. In recent years, hospitals have been called out for predatory billing practices, and it’s led to positive changes. The public inquiry identified the principles of openness, transparency and candor as the ‘cornerstone of healthcare’ and that ‘every healthcare organization and everyone working for them must be honest, open and truthful in all their dealings with patients and the public, and organizational and personal interests. In this article we will discuss exactly what price transparency is and how it is extremely beneficial to you as the client seeking medical care.

You may be curious how medical prices are set, These prices are set based on CMS’ analysis of labor and resource input costs for different medical services based on recommendations by the American Medical Association. As part of Medicare’s pricing system, relative value units (RVUs) are assigned to every medical procedure. price transparency is effective at influencing consumer behavior, especially when combined with low variability pricing strategies. Consumers are not only willing to pay more when pricing is clear and transparent but also likely to accelerate their purchase. To patients, cost usually represents the amount they have to pay out-of-pocket for health care services. This cost is very different from the amount that providers (i.e., health care organizations or clinicians) incur to deliver that service. Healthcare is different from other services because it is not clearly defined. Furthermore, healthcare professionals are rarely paid directly by their patients like in other industries. Payment usually comes from government or insurance companies. These factors make healthcare unique when compared with other services you may be seeking. A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study found five factors that affect the cost of healthcare: a growing population, aging seniors, disease prevalence or incidence, medical service utilization, and service price and intensity. Lack of transparency in healthcare means knowing which potential referral partners have demonstrated the best outcomes for their patients. .However with that being said, if this information is not transparent to the physician, this can interfere with the communication between the patient and physician, which can “undermine trust, patient choice, and quality of care.”

When you find a doctors office or a specialist that is willing to be transparent with their pricing you can have comfort knowing that they are not upping the prices of their services for their own gain, and this builds a comfort level to know that you are in the hands of a doctor who cares about you and cares that you get well again.

Elite Carpal Tunnel; Price Transparency

If you are in the Draper Utah area and are seeking medical attention for carpal tunnel, check out Elite Carpal Tunnel. At Elite Carpal Tunnel Center, you know what to expect from day one, and there are no surprises. Our cash price for COMPREHENSIVE carpal tunnel care is $2100. The average bill for comprehensive traditional carpal tunnel care is $4100. At Elite Carpal Tunnel you get Elite care without the elite price. In the traditional, insurance driven model, you never really know how much it will cost until long after the fact. We all want to be seen by doctors who have our best interest in mind, at Elite Carpal Tunnel you know they are there for you. Contact us today and make an appointment, and save money in the process!